By participating in the Gift of Giving campaign, the brand/organization agrees to be bound by our Terms of Service (

In addition to those, these Gifting Terms & Conditions contain specific instructions on the distribution and use of the , also called uon (unit of nature) during the Gift of Giving campaign, assisting participating brands/organizations to thereby authentically enhance their sustainability positioning and aiming to ensure the best practices in rewarding uon.

 or uon are provided to participating brands/organizations to distribute as gifts to employees, customers or business relations.


  1.  or uon shall not be used as a reward for products or services, unless agreed upon.
  2.  or uon shall not be used as a compensation, nor be associated with any discount, or discount coupon.
  3. The brand/organization is not allowed to resell any of the acquired uon or claim codes to any third parties.


  1.  or uon shall only be associated with participating brands/organizations that can reasonably confirm that all the relevant employees are fairly and equally treated.
  2.  or uon shall only be associated with participating brands/organizations that are transparent, reliable and accurate in public available information.
  3. Participating brands/organizations shall ensure that each uon claim code (gift) distributed is unique and valid. Each uon claim code may be used and distributed only once by the
    participating brands/organizations, regardless of whether or not the claim code is subsequently redeemed by the recipient.
  4. Participating brands/organizations shall only communicate about the M² or uon, about EarthToday, and other relevant information related to EarthToday in accordance with the
    Communication Toolkit and Guidelines provided by EarthToday, and must not be associated with any product/service unless otherwise agreed upon.


  1. or uon is encouraged to be used for employee incentivization, ideally in the context of advancing the employer’s sustainable development targets.
  2.  or uon can be used for customer engagement which contributes to promote positive awareness or/and used for motivating sustainable behavior, for both employees and consumers.
  3. In principle, EarthToday encourages the digital format of claim code reward, by sending emails or any mobile/APP integrations. In practice, the participating brands/organizations are permitted to use either digital or paper format, on the premises that printing out claim codes will not significantly add to their environmental footprint.
  4. EarthToday encourages participating brands/organizations to distribute all the claim codes acquired in the context of the Gift of Giving campaign within thirty (30) days after the participating brand/organization receives the batch of claim codes for gifting.